Magic BFG Washable glue

Magic BFG washable glue is perfect for temporary glitter tattoos that simply wash off, no hard substance and therefore totally safe around the eyes and lips. 

Apply the glitter while the gel has not yet dried. After applying the glitter, wait until it is completely dry. The glitter stays well and is friction-resistant, but still can be washed with water. 

Note, Can also be used for freehand glitter tattoos Even when wet doesn't give off any shine or any glare under photographic studio lighting, perfect for editorial makeups! It can be used over face and body paints to add an extra dimension to your artwork. It is a totally unique and versatile product. 

Of course, powders etc can also be used with this glue. 

Available in normal packaging 25 and 100ml or Lux packaging (airless pumps) in 30 and 50ml 

Magic Shine Temporary Glitter Glue

It's sad when you have to wash off an amazing piece of artwork, this glitter glue is literally a keeper. 

This Magic Shine Glue is the best in the world and makes sure a glitter tattoo can last for 3 up to 5 days and even longer. 

Magic Shine Glue can also be used to attach small prosthetics to the face of body. 

Can be removed with a soft dissolvent. 

The Magic Dust is recommended to be used as the glitter for you glitter tattoos with this glue. 

Can also be used with our magic shine powders for an amazing blinging tattoo!! 

Available in 15ml. 

Artwork by Kimberly MiKimFX (Belgium)