Our Mission

Welcome to MiKimFX Art Studio, home of professional face and body makeup. The MiKimFX crew is ready and at your service. 

MiKimFX offers an amazing array of professional makeup for face and body painting and special effects. 

Our highly  pigmented makeups are available in beautifully blending creams, AQ cake and liquids that can also be used for airbrushing. 

Choose from a rainbow of amazing colours in flat, brights, iridescent and UV fluorescent with 

  • great coverage, a little goes a very long way 
  • amazing blending with little effort ,
  • excellent linework ,
  • makeups for brush, sponge and airbrush,
  • very easy to remove with water, hypo allergenic, and much, much more …

MiKimFX are a family run, well established company. We work intimately with our artists and models to perfect our  products. Our in house production means our products are always in stock. Our makeup is fragrance free, hypoallergenic and easy to remove which is great for sensitive skins. 

As well as our sublime range of makeup we also stock onestroke splitcakes, brushes, glitters, chunky festival BFGglitters and glue, magic shine powders (real magic!) and the best sponges in the business!

We are on hand for all your enquiries, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to working with you!  ​

Magic Dust Glitter, de fijnste glitter voor uw artwork, Magic Shine Poeder,  sponzen en penselen, lijm voor glitters en poeders, stencils en zoveel meer...

Ons volledige team staat klaar om al uw vragen te beantwoorden en u supersnel te voorzien van de beste materialen voor uw kunstwerken.